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Baja Real Estate - Oceanfront Lifestyle... Within Reach!!! Baja Real Estate with Larry French

Exterior01.jpgThe current legal, financial and cultural environment of Mexico have made the dream of an oceanfront lifestyle a real possibility for more people than ever today. Whether you are looking for the perfect retirement home or a fantastic vacation home lifestyle investment

Baja represents a unique opportunity. Proximity to the USA, Mediterranean climate, artisanal culture and cost of lifestyle make Baja an unbeatable option.

I personally fell in love with this peninsula decades ago. As a young california surfer I took many journeys down the coast and more frequent visits to the Northern Baja area that ultimatly inspired me to acquire a dream home of my own over 15 years ago. I've been investing and working in the area ever since.

Let me be your exclusive guide to our beautiful Northern Baja area. Together we will identify properties that will allow you to successfully invest in this growing area and live your dream today. Why Larry French (click here)?

Whether you are ready to retire in the area, desire to secure a place in the sun for your family to enjoy or just want to take advantage of the investment opportunity we can find the right property for your goals, guide you through the process and mitigate the nuances of the Mexican purchase process.

This site has lots of information of how to safely purchase property in Mexico, beautiful new resort developments and my personal listings. You have my commitment that I will work with you to meet your goals, identify securely acquirable properties and guide you through the process to insure a safe transaction. Baja Open House Video

The most important decision a buyer will make is who they will choose to represent their interests in a search for property.​ No where is it more important to be working with competent professionals than in Mexico. Be certain you are working with a qualified agent who is certified in Mexico and is a member a reputable and recognizable brokerage. Just like in the states only professionals certified by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) can display the Realtor logo. AMPI is the organization RealtorCertified in Mexicoin Mexico that is sanctioned by NAR.  Don't be fooled by sites claiming they are "The MLS" (there is no MLS in Baja California) or self-declaired associations claiming to be the authority.


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Baja Real Estate NewsLook here for the latest news articals from Baja. Lots of great information about real estate, current events and whats going on around Baja.