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Recent Testimonials


We selected Larry French of the Baja Real Estate Group to work with us on the purchase of an oceanfront vacation home in Mexico. We highly recommend Larry for several reasons.

We have been contemplating such a purchase for several years and looked at properties with other brokers. The other brokers gave me the impression that they would not coordinate with other brokers and only showed their own listings. Larry represented us. He helped find what we were looking for. He recommended properties based on the value of the listing. Not based on who had the listing.

Larry's knowledge of the area is unsurpassed. He knows the neighborhoods. How much sun, how much wind and how much noise can be huge issues as well as the history and character of the developments. We are so happy with the fact that we listened to Larry’s recommendations on those issues. We realized later we were shown other properties at the time of day that best suited the property. Not so much the buyer.  If you want to be really happy with your decision to purchase you should use a realtor that represents your interests and knows all the not so obvious details about the properties you are looking at.

We bought 4 pieces of Real Estate last year and have a moderate understanding of the process in California. The process is quite different in Mexico and security of acquisition is Mr. French’s specialty. He never allowed our money be at risk and kept us informed throughout the purchase process. Larry overseas the whole thing and partners with professionals that specialize in the closing process. He also does a great job helping you understand the nuances of the process in Mexico. He had to repeat himself a few times but we are grateful for his patience.

Lastly there is the issue of not living near the property you are purchasing. Who handles phones, computers, gas, furnishings, improvements, insurance…. Larry has a guy for each of those and many more. His focus on service for his clients is unique and goes well beyond the sale.

I had a dream… Larry made it a reality.  The money was in my investment portfolio for years. Now my investment portfolio has a 10 million dollar view. I feel like I won the Lotto. No remorse on this purchase.  You know what I recommend you do. Now you know who to use to get it done.


Mark Mattingley

Laguna Beach, CA


Gail and I purchased real estate in Rosarito last year and hope to do so again this year.  We are convinced that this area offers incredible investment opportunities for a cash buyer with a minimum tine horizon of 3-5 years.  But potential investors must understand that the real estate laws, regulations and practices in Mexico  are very different from the US  Selecting your realtor is even more important than careful selection of a specific property .  

We have known and worked with Larry French for more than ten years and have found him to be smart , knowledgeable and honest.  That combination of  qualities is unusual anywhere but here that combination here is very rare , perhaps bordering on unique . 

The bottom line is that we love Rosarito living and are very bullish on Rosarito real estate if the transaction is properly executed.  

- Joseph Mahoney - PA, USA



My wife and I are here in Rosarito beach and wanted to dop you a note to thank you for all you did on to identify and aquire our beautiful oceanfront condo.

We've managed to make it to Rosarito every month since we bought, staying 10 days to two weeks each time. We're still reeling from the beautiful view from our condo and have made a few upgrades including painting, a granite kitchen, and all new furniture since you saw it last. This has been one of the best things we've ever done and we couldn't enjoy our little piece of paradise more.

We've also commented many times on the huge effort you put into closing the deal safely and legally for us. We really appreciate all you did.p>

- Gary Le Mon - AZ , USA

I happen to have had the good luck to discover Baja after several trips to San Diego for professional meetings. While I fell in love with San Diego, after spending some time looking for possible real estate investments (?retirement?) I quickly learned that the value just was not there. A friend suggested a trip down to the Rosarito area, and I decided to take a look.

What I discovered was the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. The location is close enough to home to be comfortable, while the cultural differences make for an exotic adventure.

I have found the Mexican people to be incredibly welcoming, and have had less hassle buying in Baja than I had in ANY of my real estate dealings in the U.S.A. Larry French possessed incredible knowledge of the area and guided us through the entire sales process to ensure the safe & secure purchase of our dream home..

My wife and I have fallen in love with Baja, and have never experienced any
sense of threat or danger. The media seems to have sensationalized the situation and we feel quite safe and comfortable in Baja.

I have found the food, water and hygiene to be excellent in Baja, and look forward to many, many happy visits with friends and family. I have made numerous friends, and plan to make time in Baja a major aspect of my pre-retirement life!

I highly recommend Larry for his professionalism, knowledge and attention to detail. If you are considering a purchase in Baja he will make your search productive and successful.

- M. Louis van de Beek, MD -  PA, USA


My realtor, Larry French of the Baja Real Estate Group, took service and knowledge to another level over any experience I have ever had in the states. He helped me bargain shop, completely oversaw the entire process, and set up some great contacts for my renovations and for getting myself settled in the area. He set up meetings with accountants, plumbers, furniture makers, mail delivery services, and much more. Moving to a foreign place can be overwhelming but having the right realtor, or in this case a great new found friend, can make all the difference in the world. 

If you are interested in renting or buying in Rosarito you can contact Larry on his website at His knowledge, integrity and service will be a unique experience that will culminate in a very successful lifestyle investment.
- James Mound - FL, USA