Cibola del Mar Listings

Cibola Del Mar is a coastal development in the north area of Ensenada (near the tollbooth) that is on both sides of the scenic highway. There is a portion of it that is directly on the oceanfront just to the North of the San Miguel River mouth the rest of the development makes its way up the hillside on the other side of the highway. On the oceanfront side there are beautiful homes with direct access to the water. They are beautiful homes with use of the San Miguel surf break. There's a breakwater directly in front of them to protect the homes but it's also a place where you can erect a beautiful patio to watch the surf and gain direct access to paddle out. It's a quiet little part of the development that sits on its own from a management perspective and offers a unique lifestyle.

On the other side of the highway is the much more well-organized part of the development. It's a collection of about 200 homes that make their way up the hillside all with great views of the Pacific and the islands off Ensenada. They're all beautiful custom homes and the community does have security and very good infrastructure.

Both communities offer great access to Ensenada and the Valle de Guadalupe. They're also far enough away from the commercial area so as not to be disturbed by the commercial fishing fleet or the canneries that are in the area to the South. They are one of the best options for an oceanfront home in the area of Ensenada that has direct access to the ocean.